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Innovation begins at home.

About Us

Drawing on our engineering resources and expertise, our manufacturing facilities feature proprietary systems for compounding, extrusion, and compaction.

The characteristic approach ADDCOMP takes to one-pack additive solutions engenders innovation in our customers' products, including performance gains, manufacturing efficiencies, and reductions in total system costs.

Our production systems are operated in accordance with equally robust quality-management procedures, developed in-house and unique to ADDCOMP. Process parameters and material specifications are registered in our extensive database, which ensures product uniformity in batch production and provides complete traceability of individual components.

This procedural precision enables us to deliver consistent products to narrow specifications. Our attention to key details has helped us achieve certification to the most stringent quality standards in the industry:

Perfect partner

The vast majority of our additive formulations have been developed for a specific application at a single customer. This degree of customer intimacy makes it possible to identify property targets clearly and to implement process improvements easily.

Our resources and expertise help our customers to improve competitive positions, shorten time-to-market, and lower development costs. And the experience gained through this commitment to cooperation sharpens our instincts for innovation and contributes to our continued growth.

Global capabilities

Addcomp has joined the BYK Additives & Instruments group of ALTANA AG, a global leader in specialty chemicals. The new additives organization can support your global operations from BYK production sites in Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, the US, and China -- in addition to Addcomp's existing facilities. Here is an introduction to our expanded capabilities.


Title: Innovation begins at home.
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Printed: Monday June 24th, 2019

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