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Flame Retardants

ADD-FR Flame Retardants

ADD-FR™ flame retardants can provide reliable FR properties in thermoplastic applications while ensuring excellent productivity during the manufacturing process.

Brominated solutions

Selections in the ADD-FR family feature brominated solutions that operate in the gas phase to interrupt the propagation chain necessary for flame initiation and continuation. Specific grades are available for molded polyolefin applications or thick extrusions, including masterbatches that contain antimony trioxide as a synergist.

Halogen-free solutions

ADDCOMP has developed halogen-free ADD-FR solutions for molded or extruded polyolefin applications, including those with proportionally large surface areas, such as films, tapes, and fibers. Grades that feature additional UV stabilization are particularly suited to pre-colored applications.

The current ADDCOMP product portfolio includes:

Our helpful Product Selector can guide you to the ADDCOMP additive solution that is best suited to your specific application, market, polymer, and processing method.

For more information on the ADDCOMP portfolio of additives, or to investigate the availability of custom formulations or packaging, just contact us.


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