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ADDCOMP's command of a broad spectrum of individual additive technologies permits the development of a diverse matrix of multi-function additive solutions in the ADD-VANCE® family of products. We understand how the compatibility of multiple chemistries can affect final material performance. And we can optimize an additive formulation to promote simplicity in processing and to achieve lower overall costs.

Our proprietary production processes allow us to combine difficult-to-handle, liquid or viscous components into free-flowing masterbatches in a range of carrier polymers. We can even provide a complex additive solution as a compact or as a powder blend, where appropriate.

Whatever the final form or the critical combination of functions, ADD-VANCE additive solutions are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949, which ensures both product consistency and traceability of individual components.

The current ADDCOMP product portfolio includes:

Our helpful Product Selector can guide you to the ADDCOMP additive solution that is best suited to your specific application, market, polymer, and processing method.

For more information on the ADDCOMP portfolio of additives, or to investigate the availability of custom formulations or packaging, just contact us.


Title: Multi-function
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