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Anti-Static Agents

Anti-static additives in the ADD-AS™ family are designed to reduce the surface resistance of thermoformed, injection molded, or extruded polyolefin applications. These additive solutions not only produce excellent de-molding performance, but they also provide prolonged protection against dust attraction and similar issues caused by electrostatic charging.

ADD-AS masterbatch products are dust-free for safe and easy handling. The family includes grades that are suitable for use in food packaging materials. They are also appropriate for films, sheets, tapes, yarns, fibers, and household products.

The current ADDCOMP product portfolio includes:

Our helpful Product Selector can guide you to the ADDCOMP additive solution that is best suited to your specific application, market, polymer, and processing method.

For more information on the ADDCOMP portfolio of additives, or to investigate the availability of custom formulations or packaging, just contact us.

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