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Nucleation Agents

Nucleation agents in the ADD-NU™ family are designed to outperform traditional agents such as talc, benzoate salts and phosphate ester salts. ADD-NU additive solutions increase the crystallization rate of, and the number of spherulites in, the polymer. Faster crystallization allows for greater productivity in molding and extrusion processes. An increased number of spherulites in the polymer can also reduce warpage, while improving stiffness and heat deflection temperature.

ADD-NU nucleation agents can be used with polyethylene and polypropylene in extrusion, blow molding, and injection molding processes, improve manufacturing speeds and enhance end-product performance. ADD-NU masterbatch solutions can also balance the nucleating effects of various color pigments, ensuring dimensional uniformity across a range of mold-in-color applications.

The current ADDCOMP product portfolio includes:

Our helpful Product Selector can guide you to the ADDCOMP additive solution that is best suited to your specific application, market, polymer, and processing method.

For more information on the ADDCOMP portfolio of additives, or to investigate the availability of custom formulations or packaging, just contact us.

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